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  • What is virtual hairstyler?

  • Virtual Hairstyler. The Virtual Hairstyler allows you to view yourself with over 12,000 hairstyles, 50 colors and 35 highlights. Choosing a new hairstyle and knowing how it will look without the risk of cutting your hair has never been easier! Every hairstyle is accompanied by extensive hairstyle advice, styling instructions,…

  • What is a 楽ensible?Haircut?

  • Short back and sides ?a traditional man haircut, a 榮ensible?haircut with short back and sides and slightly longer on top Taper ?hair is tapered from longer to shorter as it reaches your neck line Fade ?similar to a taper but a fade goes down to the skin The follow hairdresser vocabulary is useful for talking about hair styling and hair care:

  • What are some general hair vocabulary and hair care phrases?

  • Here is some general hair vocabulary and hair care phrases that can be useful for conversations about hair: e.g. 業檓 trying to grow my hair at the moment, so I don want to get it cut?/div>Hairdressing Vocabulary – Styles and Cuts – My English

  • How to style your hair like a fashion icon?

  • The hairstyle is perfect for weddings and parties. Common Hair Styling Tools: Hair Comb, Hair Pin, Hair Spray, Hair Ties, U Pin Look like a fashion icon by styling your luscious locks by choosing any of the above hairstyles. You can transform your style statement without spending a fortune by choosing the right hairstyle.

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