a line short bob hairstyles

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  • How to style a short a-line bob haircut?

  • Choose a length that suits your hair type and face shape. Just like any other women haircut, a short A-line bob can be styled in different ways. Many women choose to enhance their haircuts with interesting or unusual hair colors. Highlights and lowlights also help to add more texture and depth to bob hairstyles.

  • What kind of Hair do you wear with a line Bob?

  • This a-line bob is very versatile. Curly, straight and wavy textures can wear this look. It can remove bulk from heavy hair and make it appear lighter, or add fullness to finer hair. Ideally, hair with mild texture would be preferable to add volume and less maintenance.

  • Do short bobs look good on fine hair?

  • Classic short bobs look great on most women and are an excellent way to bring extra fullness and body to fine hair that tends to lack volume. The evenly cut ends are perfectly aligned, and a few textured locks add even more to the flouncy roundness.

  • How to choose the right Bob style?

  • The length of the bob can be up to the earlobes, up to the chin and up to the shoulders. Consider your hair type as well: Thick, fine, curly or straight hair also plays a role in which bob style works best for you. If you have thick hair, you need to choose a long bob to weigh down your hair. If you have curly hair, cut the bob in layers.

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