a mullet hairstyle

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The mullet cut is a hairstyle where the hair iscut short at the front and sides but is longer at the back. It is usually quite short overall (above the shoulders) with a messy fringe addition. This type of hairdo was quite popular back in the 80s and was mostly worn by men.

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  • What is a mullet haircut?

  • Football players, musicians, and fashion tastemakers have all begun to embrace the mullet for its eye-catching shape and laidback vibe. The mullet is business at the front, party at the back! It is a haircut for men who aren afraid to stray from the crowd and don take themselves too seriously.

  • Is the mullet a androgynous hairstyle?

  • Androgynous Mullet With the comeback of the mullet, we檙e also delighted to witness the rise of androgynous hairstyles. Long gone are the days in which gender roles and conformity were mandatory. Thankfully, today you can combine your male and female energies for a hairstyle that needs no labels.

  • Is the mullet hairstyle suitable for little boys?

  • Despite the fact that the majority of mullets are long or mid-length, the ones you see above demonstrate that the length is not an issue. Moreover, the presented mullet hairstyles are suitable for little boys too. Look at these modern interpretations of the mullet with a short buzz cut on the top and at the sides.

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