a pixie cut hairstyle

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A pixie cut is a short hairstyle that hascropped hair on the sides and back with slightly longer hair on topfor a stylish,low-maintenance look. This trendy women haircut has become a popular style trend in recent years and continues to be a beautiful and edgy cut worth trying.

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  • What is a pixie haircut?

  • When it comes to short hairstyles for women, the pixie cut is one of the most popular styles to get for a low-maintenance, beautiful look. The pixie haircut offers a fashionable style that combines short hair on the sides and back with slightly longer hair on top to create a cute and edgy cut.

  • How to style a short stacked pixie cut?

  • Great for both thick and thin hair, you can complement a short stacked pixie cut by adding tapered sides that will accentuate and contrast the layered hair. With short layers in the back and bangs in the front, the style is best left loose and messy for a carefree yet stylish hairstyle.

  • Are there any low-maintenance Pixie hairstyles?

  • Whether you want very short cropped hair with a textured finish or a long hair with an undercut on the sides, you can find several low-maintenance and stylish pixie hairstyles to copy. If you檙e looking for inspiration and ideas, we檝e compiled the 65 best pixie cut hairstyles to get this year.

  • What is the best pixie cut for round face?

  • Short and long pixie haircuts with bangs are the most popular short hair choice nowadays. There are cute ideas of pixies for most face shape, including cute pixie cuts for round face. Have a look at these trendy short pixie haircuts and pick a new hot version to refresh your stylish look this season!

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