can a hairstyle change your appearance

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  • Can you change your character’s hairstyle?

  • While character customization is limited in the game, with only a few set faces and hairstyles to choose between when you start out, you can change up your character’s style later on. Whether it’s wanting a change of clothes or a different hairstyle, this guide tells you everything you need to know about how to alter your appearance in-game.

  • How does your hair affect your appearance?

  • Let take a closer look at exactly how our hair drastically affects our appearance. As we age, our hair turns grey, thins out and begins to fall out.

  • Do you face extreme hairstyle change-situations in Your Life?

  • Ladies, you can face either of these 2 extreme hairstyle change-situations in your life: You檝e ultimately got your hair to the sound length and admire your haircut, but you feel like you檙e lost in a bit of a style rut, or maybe the commitment and sometimes radical change of going for the chop is too much to bear to change hairstyle.

  • How do I change my trainer’s face and hair appearance?

  • There’s an option to change your trainer’s face and hair appearance by going to the Menu Closet and pressing X button to go to the Makeover Selection. Take note that changing your trainer’s appearance will cost you Aeos Tickets.

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