how to cut a short bob hairstyle

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For a straight short-bob look you will need to use ahair-razorto shape and trim the side-sections evenly and in-line with the back-section. Afterwards runs the hair-razor through the bottom-section of your cut hair in an upward motion un

how to cut a pageboy hairstyle

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Is a pageboy haircut right for You?
The pageboy haircut is a very modern hairstyle. Though some women may still prefer long hair, this cut offers a great alternative especially for busy women who have no time to spare managing their

how to create pin up hairstyles

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For best results with the whole procedure of creating a pin up hairstyle,set the heat curling rod to high. Begin at the neckline by taking a small section of your hair and twisting it onto the curling iron rod. Take extra care to be as c

how to create a bouffant hairstyle

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Backcomb the very top section of your hair. Start with gentle combing at the front,gradually building up the volume towards the back,including the crown ?this will create the Bardot bouffant shape. Then spray lightly with hairspray.

how to create a blowout hairstyle

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To achieve that voluminous blowout look,flip your hair upside down and use a boar bristle brush with your blow dryer to style your hair. Direct the hot air toward your roots and tuck the curls inwards; you want to make sure your roots dr

how to create a beehive hairstyle

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Look 3: Modern Beehive Hairstyles by Dulce CandyStart with clean,freshly-wash …Apply a leave-in product. …Blow-dry and create your part. …Section off your fringe. …Clip fringe up and out of the …Start teasing your crown. …Tea

how to create a 1940’s hairstyle

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One of the most used short hairstyles was the bob. The 1940s version of the bob was really voluminous and was combined with the classic curls. To achieve this style,you only had to create somepinned curls in your hair and then brush them

how to create 60s hairstyles

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To style your angled bob in a high fashion 1960s look,wash and air dry your hairto give it a natural texture. Then take the very back section of your hair and hold it straight up. Backcomb it from the midsection to your scalp to give it

how to choose your wedding hairstyle

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The first step to choosing the best wedding hairstyle is toconsider the wedding theme,including the venue,attire,and wedding colors. You檒l want the hairstyle to complement your gown and personal style,not distract from it.
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