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  • What are the best ways to style your hair for dance?

  • Inside-Out French Fishtail Braid: If you檙e rocking the pastel hair trend, show it off with this beautiful (and easy!) side braid. (via Lilith Moon) 3. Top Knot: Pick up a donut kit to instantly get all that thick hair off your neck. That way, you can dance all night long (sans sweaty locks). (via Michelle Phan) 4.

  • How do you part your hair like a pro?

  • If you’ve got curly hair, blow-dry your hair straight first before you begin, suggests Dickey. A straight-across lob is the easiest option. Benson advises center-parting the hair and tilting your head down, with your chin tucked. Next, create two sections in your hair. Pin the top section, which should be like a half-ponytail, up.

  • Can You DIY your own wedding hairstyles?

  • If you檙e the type of DIY bride, you may be thinking of doing the hairstyle by yourself on the big day. There are some super talented stylists and beauty bloggers out there on the web who have put together hairstyle tutorials so you can create adorable wedding hairstyles right at home. Try them one by one and you檙e surely to find the perfect one.

  • How do you make something ordinary into an original hairstyle?

  • Here a way to take something ordinary and make it original. Take a bit of volume mousse and run it through the ends of your hair. Then take your hair and literally tie it in a knot. From there, tie it into one more knot and add bobby pins to keep it in place.

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