do it yourself hairstyles for black hair

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  • How to choose the right hairstyles for black women?

  • You can use your natural hair to create twist outs or you can buy hair extensions for twists from any good afro hair shop. To create a twist out hairstyle, take a small part of each part of your hair, split into two strands and twist continuously. If you檙e interested in curly hairstyles for black women, then try curls or kinky curls.

  • How to style long black hair like a pro?

  • Use a tight tooth comb to pin your hair on top of your head. Use a big donut bun to wrap your hair around it and create that impressive hairstyle. Accessorize your hairdo with a pair of thin big rounded gold earrings. #14. Long Black Hair

  • How to style Your Afro hair?

  • You can pin flower and floral hair clips and accessories all over your afro hair. It a great way to be bold and eye-catching, and to make your natural hair stand out from the crowd. Braided hairstyles for black women are really popular and they are really cool. From box braids to Fulani braids with beads, you can rock out in this hairstyle.

  • How to style naturally curly hair for black women?

  • Natural Hairstyles for Black Women with Headbands Headbands are one of the top accessories for complementing naturally curly hair. They can be easily replaced with any narrow scarf and look just as pretty. After wrapping the headband or scarf around your head, puff up those curls for marvelous results. 30. Feed-In Zig Zag Cornrows with Double Buns

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