do it yourself hairstyles with fascinators

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  • How to wear a fascinator with your hair?

  • From here, you can discuss not how to wear your hair with the fascinator but how to wear the fascinator with the hair. Traditionally speaking, the fascinator always used to be placed on the right side of the head just above your eyebrow.

  • What are the different types of fascinators?

  • The main types of fascinators include the following: Barette fascinator ?these use a sectional clip or a spring clip to attach to your hair and work well with elaborate hairstyles.

  • What is the purpose of a fascinator?

  • Fascinators are the ultimate hair accessory, that can complete a stylish outfit. Since they aren as big as a hat, they still give you the opportunity to show off a gorgeous hairstyle and won give you helmet hair. They can also give you extra height and potentially make you look taller and slimmer. How do you wear a fascinator?

  • How to wear a fascinator with a donut bun?

  • So always try your fascinator on first and then decide on the position of your bun. Teasing the hair as you place it around the donut creates a bigger bun even if your hair is not that long. My hair is just past my shoulders in length, but in the photo above it appears like I have much more.

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