do it yourself protective hairstyles

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Nourish your hair and scalp with natural oils or apply hydrating balms before styling your hair; Let your hair dry overnight; Wear a hat or a head wrap to protectyour hairfrom high or low temperatures. Protect your coils overnight by sleaping with a satin scarf on your head.

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  • How to maintain your protective hairstyles?

  • You can maintain your protective styles by wearing a satin hair bonnet. This will help to get rid of frizz and retain moisture in your hair. This way, your hairstyle will be able to last longer. Hair oil will moisturise your scalp and prevent dryness. You can apply oil on your scalp and edges at least three times a week.

  • What is a protective style for natural hair?

  • High Natural Hair Bun. In some cases, a high bun is not viewed as a protective style. However, any hairstyle that tucks the ends the of your hair away, puts minimal stress on your hair edges and doesn require constant manipulation can be viewed as protective. This is often a great protective style for short hair.

  • What are the best protective hairstyles for short hair?

  • Bantu knots are always trendy and make a statement when it comes to protective hairstyles for short hair. It is such an elegant look that will have heads turning everywhere you go.

  • Can You Wash your hair while it in a protective style?

  • When washing your hair while it in a protective style, take your time and be gentle, so you don create unnecessary frizz. Note: Washing your hair may not always be possible while it in a protective style. For this reason, you should only apply styling products to your hair when absolutely necessary.

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