do it yourself short hairstyles

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  • How can I style my short hair?

  • Read on to find out how can style your short hair with these 20 DIY hairdos. 1. The Easy Twist Hairdo Detangle your hair with a comb. Spritz on some texturizing spray. Part your hair down the middle. Pick up a 3-inch section of hair from one side and comb it neatly.

  • How to do a short hair updo with shot hair?

  • For a playful look with thin shot hair, start with a middle part and separate the two sections into two small buns, then use bobby pins to secure them and keep them in place. It quick, easy, and looks great without any kind of hassle. People with curly hair can also get into the short hair updo craze.

  • How to cut your own hair like a pro?

  • First, part your hair in the middle. Take a small section on one side of your head, above your ears, and twist it, temporarily clipping it in the back. Now, do the same thing with a section of hair on the other side of the head. Use a small hair tie to connect the two sides together, with bobby pins for extra hold.

  • Can I cut my own short hair?

  • For those with longer hair, the idea of a DIY trim may seem less intimidating because a little mistake with scissors makes a much less noticeable impact than it would on a smaller area of hair. And with the good ol’ Flowbee currently not shipping, you may feel unequipped to handle cutting your own short hair.

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