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  • How to updo your hair?

  • It just as simple as it sounds. Divide your hair into two sections, from ear to ear at the back. With each section, create a simple bun. This is when you take your ponytail and wrap it around its base. Be sure to make you buns compact, so that they are not too overwhelming. Get the tutorial from Irrelephant! 4. Romantic French Twist Updo

  • What are some easy updos for medium hair?

  • If you檙e looking for easy updos for medium hair, this is as simple as it gets. Simply tie your hair in three low ponytails and twist them around. 8. Classic Classy Low Bun

  • How to do a wedding updo for short hair?

  • If you are looking for the elegant, simple wedding updo for short hair or just an elegant touch to your look, the rolled updo is perfect. For this look create a low ponytail and split the hair above the tie. Pull pony up and through the slit. Continue to twist and roll until you get all of your hair into the roll.

  • Do you need long hair for an updo?

  • It also a great look for a client who needs her style to last all day or will be in warm temperatures and wants her hair out of her face. Sometimes clients think they need to have super long hair to achieve this look (or any updo at all), but that not true. This model had slightly longer than shoulder length hair.

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