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  • How long does it take Park Seo joon to maintain this hairstyle?

  • In ‘Itaewon Class’, he transforms into street-style clad Park Saeroyi with a chestnut hairstyle to boot. Yay or nay? We say it’s a big YAY. Exactly what kind of upkeep does a delicately styled haircut like this take? Park Seo Joon tells Koreaboo, I檝e been maintaining this hairstyle for 6 months now. But I get it trimmed every 4 days.

  • Does Park Seo-Joon have a cool haircut in Itaewon Class?

  • Park Seo-Joon isn’t the only one with a cool ‘do in this K-drama. We’ll be honest. We started watching Itaewon Class because of Park Seo-Joon. That said, what kept us watching wasn’t just his stellar performance and adorable haircut.

  • What kind of hair does Hyun Yi wear?

  • Dark Brown Wig This hairstyle is a mild spoiler, but we think this list won’t be complete without it. Presenting the tomboyish Hyun-Yi in dark, wavy, long locks we’d only seen on a character like Oh Soo-Ah was the best instrument to tell perhaps one of the most important subplots in the show yet.

  • Who is Park Seo joon and Han Hyun min?

  • Park Seo Joon plays as a production manager of the talkshow that Peakboy appears on as a guest. Who is Han Hyun Min? Han Hyun Min is the first Korean model of African descent who walks the catwalks in South Korea as well as internationally.

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