do protective hairstyles help hair grow

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Contrary to popular belief,protective styling isnot necessary for speedy hair growth. Instead low manipulation styles are key. Low manipulation styles,unlike protective hairstyles,do not require that your hair and ends be tucked away for protection.

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  • Do protective hairstyles help hair grow longer?

  • Protective hairstyles are one of the most common and effective ways to grow hair. Natural hair is the most versatile hair, and there are so many protective styles and looks naturalistas can wear to achieve longer hair. Not only can a protective style help hair to grow, but it also protects hair from damage and helps it to maintain hydration.

  • What is a protective hairstyle?

  • The term protective hairstyle is used frequently throughout the Black community to describe hairstyles that safeguard natural hair from the elements. Kinky-curly natural hair is more fragile in comparison to straight hair and more prone to split ends, breakage, and dryness.

  • What is protective style and why is it important?

  • A protective style is also beneficial for transitioning hair and can prevent unnecessary breakage. That’s because when you are transitioning, the weakest part of the hair is where new growth meets the relaxed hair.

  • Does your hair need protection to grow?

  • Not to worry, in any case! We have plenty to look at to help to maximize our protection-first plan for optimal hair growth. Not only will some of these styles promote the best growth, but they will also keep you looking good and avoiding some common pitfalls, no matter the texture or length of your hair. Let start combing over some ideas.

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