do you unlock more hairstyles in legends arceus

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  • How to get all hairstyles in Pokemon legends Arceus?

  • To unlock and get all hairstyles in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you have to complete side quests 淢isdreavus the Hairstyle Muse? 淜irlia the Hairstyle Muse?from hairstylist Arezu. These side quests are request number 59 request 75.

  • How much does it cost to get a haircut in Pokemon legends?

  • Unlike the clothes available in Pokmon Legends: Arceus, which players have to buy after they檝e been unlocked, players don have to pay to obtain new hairstyles once they become available at the salon and instead pay a flat rate of 500 Pokdollars per haircut.

  • What are the new hairstyles in Azeru the Misdreavus?

  • Once players show Azeru the Misdreavus, they檒l have access to four new hairstyles, including the male and female versions of the Fancy, Modern Bob, Sideswept, and Tied Back styles. Clementine, Turquoise, and Violet will also be available as hair color options after the Request is complete.

  • How do you get more hairstyles in Pokémon Go?

  • There are two more requests that you can complete to get more hairstyles; Misdreavus, the Hairstyle Muse and Kirlia, the Hairstyle Muse. Both of these requests require you to hunt down the Pokmon in the request and bring it to Arezu so that she can become inspired to create new hairstyles for you.

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