how can i choose my hairstyle

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To choose a hairstyle,start byconsidering the shape of your faceand opt for a style or cut that flatters that shape the most. You can also consider what facial features you want to highlight or conceal when deciding on a hairstyle.

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  • How to choose the right haircut for You?

  • The right cut can really play off of your best features, and minimize the less desirable ones. For example, a big nose can be minimized by wearing a fuller style with an off-center part. For dark-haired dudes with blue eyes, a very tight haircut can really make the eyes pop.

  • How do I choose a hairstyle that suits my face shape?

  • If you’re choosing a hairstyle for a special occasion, try a sophisticated updo or neatly slick your hair back away from your face for a polished look! For more tips on choosing a hairstyle that flatters your specific face shape, read on!

  • What are the Best Hairstyles for a girl?

  • The best hairstyles are the ones that accentuate a girl’s facial features. You want a hairstyle that complements your look. For instance, if you have a large forehead and want to try concealing it a bit, bangs are your best bet. Choose thick, straight across bangs if your face is heart- or oval-shaped.

  • How can I try on hairstyles online?

  • The best way to virtually try on hairstyles is to use our online hairstyle simulator. Just upload your photo and scroll through thousands of hairstyles to find one that suits your face and style. Even better? It’s completely free!

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