how do protective hairstyles work

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For those new to the natural hair community,protective styling involves putting your hair into a style that involvestucking your ends away from the atmosphere to protect them from damage whilst your hair grows. The premise is that if the ends of your hair don break and your hair continues to grow,then you will achieve longer hair.

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  • What are protected hairstyles and how do they work?

  • Protective hairstyles are created to reduce ongoing manipulation of your hair, encourage growth retention, and protect the ends of your hair strands, reducing knots and tangles. Before doing any protective style on your hair, you need to do some preparation.

  • What is a protective style for natural hair?

  • High Natural Hair Bun. In some cases, a high bun is not viewed as a protective style. However, any hairstyle that tucks the ends the of your hair away, puts minimal stress on your hair edges and doesn require constant manipulation can be viewed as protective. This is often a great protective style for short hair.

  • How long do protective styles really protect your hair?

  • Here are a few common protective styles and how long they last: Pro tip: After taking down a protective style, let the hair rest for a week or two. This will limit hair damage from over-manipulation. Do Protective Styles Really Protect Your Hair? The simple answer is that it depends.

  • What is protective styling and how does it work?

  • Protective styling is a concept that reduces ongoing manipulation of your hair, encourages growth retention and protects the ends of your hair strands, reducing knots and tangles. Now that you understand the concept of protective styling, it important to understand a protective style shouldn require much daily upkeep or constant manipulation.

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