how do you spell hairstyle

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  • What is a word for hairstyle?

  • Words Related to hairstyle. Afro, conk, cornrow, dreadlocks, perm, permanent. beehive, big hair, bun, chignon, French twist, pageboy, pug, updo, upsweep. bob, buzz cut, crew cut, crop, fade, Mohawk, shag, shingle, trim. braid, pigtail, plait, ponytail, queue. comb-over, ducktail, pompadour, roach.

  • What is it called when you cut your hair horizontally?

  • Blunt Cut ?When the scissors are held horizontal to the comb, cutting all hair the same length. Braid ?A hairstyle created by weaving strands of hair together. There are many different types of braids. Brassy ?This hair terminology refers to unwanted golden or orange tones in hair.

  • What are the different types of haircuts?

  • Buzz-Cut ?A haircut in which the entire head is shaved with clippers. Caesar Cut ?A short haircut in which the top hair is styled forward and there is a little fringe around the face. Canities ?The scientific name for grey hair. Catagen ?The resting phase of the hair growth cycle.

  • What does it mean to taper hair?

  • Taper ?Hair terminology that means to gradually lessen. It is popular to taper short hairstyles so that the perimeter blends without a hard-line. Telogen ?The resting phase of the hair cycle. Temporary Color ?Temporary color is color that coats the hair until you wash it again.

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