how many hairstyles does harriet give you

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  • How many new hairstyles does Harriet have in the latest update?

  • Here the Harriet hairstyles we檝e seen so far and the ones we spotted in the Nintendo Direct. There are 11 new hairstyles in total in the update. Four of them are in the Top 4 Fab Hairstyles you can buy with Nook miles so that means the seven below are exclusively Harriet’s hairstyles.

  • What does Harriet do with the player’s hair?

  • After the player had all the different hairstyles, Harriet will offer the player a haircut of the opposite gender. She gives you a wide range of hairstyles. For the entire list of hairstyles and colors, go here . If the player is not happy with their hairstyle one must save and go back because she will only do the player’s hair once a day.

  • How do I get hairstyles from Harriet?

  • Hairstyles given to you by Harriet will also unlock at a mirror or vanity, so you can try them out any time you like on your own island. Once you’ve gotten all of Harriet’s styles, she’ll no longer offer her services, but you can still chat with her during your visits.

  • How often can I visit Harriet’s hair salon?

  • Additionally, Harriet’s services aren’t permanent (more on that in the next paragraph). Once a day, you can visit her to receive a random new hairstyle. Harriet stops working around 6:30pm, so visit her before she closes. If you come to late, you’ll need to wait until the next day. Chances are that you may not like Harriet’s new hairstyle.

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