how much is a ombre hairstyle

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$80 to $500

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  • How much does Ombre hair color cost?

  • Since ombre is an advanced hair coloring technique, it more expensive than a single-process all-over color. While every salon prices its services differently, we檝e found that the average cost for ombre hair color at salons in the United States starts around $150 and up.

  • What are the Best Hairstyles for Ombre hair?

  • Cute Bob with Ombre Under-layer A lightly layered chin-length bob is a super cute haircut for people with ombre hair colors. Color the underlayers of your hairstyle whilst leaving the top layer of your hair its natural color. 20. Lightly Curled Bob with Dusky Purple Shades

  • What is the difference between balayage and Ombre hair color?

  • For instance, Ombre or Sombre Color treatments start at $150 and can easily cost more. Ombre coloring is more work and often requires more dye than Balayage to achieve the dramatic two-toned look of darker roots gradually becoming lighter at the very tips of your hair.

  • What is reverse Ombre hair color?

  • In a typical ombre color, darker hair at the roots and midshaft gives way to a lighter color from the midshaft down to the tips. With reverse ombre color, the color order is reversed. Now, the lighter color is at the roots and midshaft and gradually blends into a darker color from the midshaft to the tips.

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