how to afro hairstyles

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How to style: Usingbleach,a dying brush,gloves,and some foil,bleach your hair. Use special bleach for your curly beard and eyebrows to complete the dyed short afro hairstyle. Trim both the beard and the ends of the hair to make the ends fresh.

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  • How do you make an afro look good on short hair?

  • Try a faux hawk if you want an eye-catching afro style. This style works well on short hair, as the hair tends to stay in place better than long hair. Tease the roots of your hair and then scoop the strands away from your ears, toward the top of your head. Use hair gel and bobby pins to secure the hair in place.

  • Is there such a thing as a short afro hairstyle?

  • This high skin fade with short twists provides a unique take on very short afro styles. If you want to style an afro but don want to deal with growing out long, nappy hair, then this easy hairstyle is for you. Whether you have naturally curly or nappy hair, afro hairstyles work well with all hair types.

  • Should guys with afro hair get a fade?

  • If you檙e a guy with afro hair, finding a good hairstyle can sometimes be tricky. Because afro hair can be curly or straight up kinky, your hair texture really comes into play. This is why most guys choose to get a fade ?the short buzzed sides make the afro easier to get.

  • Are You embracing your natural hair texture with an Afro?

  • We檝e been (thankfully!) seeing this more and more in hair these days, particularly with the natural hair movement, with more people embracing their natural texture with afro hairstyles.

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