how to bandana hairstyles

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How to Create a Hairstyle with a BandanaDecide what function you want a bandana to be and begin with folding the cloth if you want it to be a headband.Fold a tip of a square piece cloth and make a triangle lookFold the bottom tips upwardsFold the bottom several times until it meets the previous folding lineFinish the headband and style your hair lookTie the bandana around your head

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  • How to wear a hair bandana on your head?

  • To achieve this, we fold the hair bandana on itself to make a strip, like the headband. Place the middle of the bandana on the top of your head, then tie the two ends at the nape of your neck with a knot, under your hair, or even above your hair, depending on your hairstyle or your desire.

  • How do you style a half updo with a bandana?

  • Medium-High Half Updo with Natural Waves For this easy and charming hairstyle, use an elastic band to tie a medium-high half updo at the back with the rest of the hair completely loose. Decorate the bun with a colorful bandana tied around it. Bandana hairstyles are a great way to give a playful look without any haircutting or dyeing.

  • What are retro bandana hairstyles and how do you style them?

  • Retro bandana hairstyles look especially good (and modern) in bright rainbow colors. Adorned with a Victory roll, they make for a head-turning look. It a surprisingly versatile hairdo element too, as you can use it with loose curly hair, an updo like this one, or even a ponytail. Need a way to accentuate your coils?

  • How do you style an Afro with a bandana?

  • One way to make your afro haircut appear a bit sleeker and neater is to make it sleek at the front by applying hair to about 3-4 inches of hair starting from the roots and combing it to the back. To hold that in place and finish the hairstyle, tie a bandana around two inches behind the hairline. 19. Curly Updo with a Bandana

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