how to change my hairstyle

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Curl or Straighten Your HairIf you have straight or slightly wavy hair,curling your hair can be a great way to change your style without making any permanent moves. Likewise,if your hair is already curly or wavy,straightening it will change your look.

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  • How can I change up my hair style?

  • Here are some easy ways you can change up your look, with absolutely no damage to your hair or any drastic changes. 1. Girly Girl If your style usually doesn’t scream ‘girly-girl’, why not dress up and throw in some flowers or ribbons into your hair for a change? These small accessories in your hair will create a feminine, playful, and lovely look.

  • How do I part my hair to style it?

  • This article has been viewed 3,085,949 times. If you’re trying to style your hair, start by using your fingers or a comb to part your hair where you think it looks best. Then, try combing your hair forward, back, up, to the side, and straight down to see what direction works best for your hair.

  • How to change up your look without dying your hair?

  • 7 Ways To Change Up Your Look 1. Girly Girl 2. Part With Your Regular Hair Part 3. Pull Hair Back With a Headband 4. Try A Faux Bob 5. Classy 6. Edgy 7. Get Ombre (Without Dying Your Hair)

  • Can changing your hair part make a big difference?

  • Although you think it may be the most flattering, or maybe the hair just naturally falls this way, changing your hair part can make a huge difference and totally reinvent your look! Parting your hair differently will add volume and dimension at the roots which will frame your face in a totally new way.

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