how to change your hairstyle in pokemon go

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Unfortunately, there’s stillno wayto change your hairstyle in Pokmon Go. But you can change almost everything else. To do so, first you have to tap the icon for your avatar in the bottom, left-hand corner of your screen.

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  • How do I Change my Pokemon’s appearance in Pokemon Go?

  • Launch Pokemon Go from your Home screen. Tap on the trainer button at the bottom left. Tap on the menu (looks like ‘鈽?) button at the bottom right. Tap on the Style button (next to the t-shirt icon) at the bottom right. Tap on the Face button at the top right to change gender, hair, eyes, or skin attributes.

  • How do you get the different hairstyles in Pokémon Go?

  • The first is a subtle cowlick: And the other is a far more dramatic flipped out bang or styled look that can sometimes also be achieved by petting the head from left to right To get the next hairstyles, you’ll need to pet your Pikachu or Eevee with five fingers. This comes via GamesRadar.

  • How do you change Pikachu’s hair in Pokemon let’s go?

  • In Pokemon: Let’s Go, you can change your partner Pokemon Pikachu and Eevee’s hair while playing with them. To change Pikachu or Eevee’s hairstyle you must be playing in handheld mode. Use two fingers to pet the Pokemon’s head. The way you pet them changes the hairstyle you’ll get, as does the number of fingers you use.

  • How do you get the afro hairstyle in Pokemon Emerald?

  • Start with at least two fingers on your partner’s head and swirl your left hand clockwise and your right hand counterclockwise to imitate a tousling motion to get this afro hairstyle: If you find you’re not getting this style, just keep trying! Clear Pikachu or Eevee ‘s hair by swiping left and right continuously.

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