how to create a blowout hairstyle

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To achieve that voluminous blowout look,flip your hair upside down and use a boar bristle brush with your blow dryer to style your hair. Direct the hot air toward your roots and tuck the curls inwards; you want to make sure your roots dry up in an upside-down position.

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  • How do you do a simple Blowout hairstyle?

  • Blowout Hairstyle for Women Wash and condition your hair. Blot hair dry. Apply product. Begin to rough dry your hair. Brush out your hair and divide it into sections. Blow dry using a round brush. Move on to the next section. Set your hair and add some finishing product. Maintain your blowout.

  • How to blow out hair with a hair dryer?

  • Begin to rough dry your hair. Turn your hairdryer to the medium heat setting (the high setting is usually too hot for anything but extremely thick, coarse hair) and begin to roughly dry your hair, using only your fingers. This will speed up the blowout and prevent excess pulling with the hairbrush.

  • How do I get a smooth blowout?

  • Apply product. The next key step in achieving a smooth, sleek blowout is to apply some good styling product to the hair, while it’s still damp. The type of styling product that works best for you will depend on your hair type.

  • What is a Blowout hairstyle and when was it popular?

  • The blowout hairstyle, also known as a temple fade or taper fade, first became popular in the 1990s, but has recently become famous thanks to Paul-D from Jersey Shore .The blowout hairstyle consist of short sideburns and longer sides with a large amount of hair on the crown, which is usually gelled upwards.

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