how to curl a short bob hairstyle

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Hold the wand at your crown horizontallyto prevent flatness. When you go to curl the shorter top layers at the back of your bob, angle the barrel horizontally. Wrap the strands up and over the wand rather than around it sideways.

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  • How to style a bob haircut for curly hair?

  • A bob haircut with a deep side part To give your look more dimension and volume, go for a really deep side part that will elevate your volume and curls. Answering The Most Common Natural Curly Hair Questions. 11. A bob haircut styled with half top double buns Double buns are so cute, easy to do and the messier they are, better. 12.

  • How to curl short hair?

  • How to Curl Short Hair 1 Start with freshly washed hair. Clean hair usually means fuller-looking, bouncier locks. … 2 Curl the front sections. Spray your hair with some heat protectant, like TIGI Copyright Custom Create Heat Protection Spray. … 3 Continue until all sections are curled. … 4 Muss up the roots with your fingers. …

  • How do I set natural curls in a Bob?

  • Setting natural curls in a bob is easiest when your hair is already wet. Plan to style your hair this way when you are fresh out of the shower or have dampened your hair. To dampen your hair, you can put water in a spray bottle and mist your hair, or you can put your head under a faucet in a sink or bathtub.

  • How do you curl your hair with Bobby pins?

  • Separate hair into small sections and then apply bobby-pins: separate hair into small-sections of about 1/4-to-1 inch wide and then place your fingers at the end of a section of hair. Wrap the hair around the finger and then roll the curl under and away from your face but make sure that the curl is loose enough to slide-off your fingers.

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