how to curl a short bob hairstyle

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Hold the wand at your crown horizontallyto prevent flatness. When you go to curl the shorter top layers at the back of your bob, angle the barrel horizontally. Wrap the strands up and over the wand rather than around it sideways.

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  • Is a short bob the perfect hairstyle for curly hair?

  • A short bob is the perfect hairstyle for textured, curly hair, and this picture is proof of that. With all the movement, layers, and soft curls, what’s not to love?

  • How do you curl a bob haircut?

  • If you have naturally straight hair and want to add a believable-looking wave or curl to your bob, use the flat-iron wave technique to create a beachy bend in your hair. Short hair and curls can be an intimidating combination, esp if you’ve had some bad haircut experiences in the past.

  • What are the best Bob hairstyles for thick hair?

  • Messy shoulder-length curls are one of the best ways to reveal your thick hair with this curly bob hairstyle. It is even easier to achieve if you have natural curls. An orange hair shade and straight bangs will last for long if perfectly styled. 23. Asymmetric Wavy Bob Cut

  • Which is the best hairstyle for curly hair?

  • Short Curly Bob. 1 1. Curly Short Stacked Bob. If your curly hair is on the thick side, a stacked bob is a great option to choose because it has short layers that will … 2 2. Short Black Curly Bob. 3 3. Short Curly Bob Weave. 4 4. Short Curly Bob + Side Part. 5 5. Short Curly Inverted Bob. More items

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