how to curl a short bob hairstyle

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Hold the wand at your crown horizontally to prevent flatness. When you go to curl the shorter top layers at the back of your bob, angle the barrel horizontally. Wrap the strands up and over the wand rather than around it sideways.

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  • What is a short curly bob haircut?

  • Short curly bob haircuts are perfect for busy women who are always on the run but still need a haircut that defines their curls and makes them look stunning whatever they do. Whether the bobs are inverted or cut in a straight line, this hairdo will accentuate your curls.

  • Should you curl or straighten your short bobs?

  • If your short bob features blunt ends or piecey layers, you can highlight this by leaving the ends straight. The ends will sit straight in an effortless-looking style. If you do curl the ends, they may coil out in different directions and look untidy, especially as your curls start to loosen up over the course of the day.

  • How to style a long curly bob for medium hair?

  • A long curly bob is a great match for all those women who want to show off their curls and emphasize the volume. Keep your ringlets in a shoulder-length and use the layering technique to give your hairstyle the shape you want. 3. Curly Bob for Medium Hair

  • What are the best Bob hairstyles for thick hair?

  • Messy shoulder-length curls are one of the best ways to reveal your thick hair with this curly bob hairstyle. It is even easier to achieve if you have natural curls. An orange hair shade and straight bangs will last for long if perfectly styled. 23. Asymmetric Wavy Bob Cut

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