how to cut a curly bob hairstyle

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  • Can I cut my curly hair into a Bob?

  • Natural curls can be difficult to cut into a manageable bob. Curly hair requires careful cutting to avoid disrupting the natural curl pattern. If a stylist makes a snip in the middle of a curve or bend in your curl, that group of strands will stick out and ruin any chance of curl definition.

  • How to style stacked Bob curly hair?

  • How to style: Use a roller brush and blow dryer to slowly work the ends of your hair into neat curls. Try to make them curl in a single direction instead of curling all the way to get the sophisticated look. 5. Blonde Stacked Bob with Undercut This is an interesting take on the stacked bob curly hair.

  • What kind of Bob is best for curly hair?

  • Curly Short Stacked Bob If your curly hair is on the thick side, a stacked bob is a great option to choose because it has short layers that will thin out your hair. With only a side part to worry about, it very low maintenance.

  • How do you smooth out a bob haircut?

  • Blend the ends of the hair. As a finishing touch, you should blend the ends of your hair so your bob looks even and polished. Blending the ends will also help to remove any stray pieces of hair that are too long. Lift up small pieces of hair and run the hair razor on the ends of the hair in a downward, angled motion.

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