how to cut a curly bob hairstyle

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  • How to cut your own hair like a Bob?

  • Cutting the Bob Confirm the style if someone else is cutting your hair. Wash and dry your hair. Divide your hair into three even sections. Cut the back section off with scissors. Use the hair razor on the side sections. Add layers, if desired. Blend the ends of the hair.

  • How to choose the right Bob for curly hair?

  • Shimmering ebony shows every curve and bend in these robust natural curls. A chin-length (or slightly longer) bob for curly hair should be cut a little bit longer than you want the result to be to allow for curl shrinkage. 7.

  • Can you get a stacked bob cut for curly hair?

  • Stacked Bob Cut For Curly Hair A curly inverted bob works well for those with a thick mane. It reduces the excess weight and creates a manageable hairstyle. You can also go for a stacked bob cut for curly hair for more manageability without compromising on the style.

  • How do you cut a Bob with scissors?

  • Do not cut the hair straight across, as this will lead to jagged ends. Continue to do this on the sides and back of your hair, cutting the ends of the hair with the scissors pointed down and in. This will create layers throughout your hair, giving your bob a more voluminous look.

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