how to cut a female mullet hairstyle

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  • What are the different types of mullet hairstyles for women?

  • ?Shaglet haircut with glasses that is a great fit for women of all ages. ?Shaggy mullet hairstyle for women who are dark brunettes. ?Silver gray mullet shag for older women. ?Mullet shag with a Mohawk and bald shaved sides. ?Long black modern mullet haircut. ?Not very long shaggy mullet hairstyle with short jagged fringe.

  • Is the mullet haircut making a comeback?

  • If you didn know by now, the mullet haircut trend has once again made a comeback, only now its looking like it here to stay. Traditionally, the mullet hair is cut short at the front and sides, while the hair is kept long at the back.

  • How to pick the ultimate modern woman mullet?

  • If the classic mullet cut is not edgy or special enough for you then pick the ultimate modern woman mullet by cutting it asymmetrically! Pick one side of the head and cut the hair very short there while leaving the rest of the hair fall naturally on the opposing side.

  • What is the best detangler for a mullet haircut?

  • My fave is Unite 7seconds Detangler. Comb the hair into place and blow dry using your fingertips to mold the hair into shape. Use Unite Second Day hair wax to get rid of flyaway, smooth down the back of your mullet and finish off the look.

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