how to cut a female mullet hairstyle

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  • What is a mullet haircut and should you get one?

  • There are a few important points about mullet hair that everyone should note. A mullet haircut has very short hair on the sides with long hair in the back. In many ways, this haircut resembles a mohawk. While this haircut is also called a rattail, there are numerous cuts and styles when it comes to the mullet.

  • How do you make a mullet with hair gel?

  • Blow dry the hair with a round brush to create volume. Use your styler to create some wavy texture on top and dress it forward using some hair wax. Grab a comb, apply some hair gel on the teeth, and gel the sides of the mullet backward.

  • How to style a fauxhawk or mullet haircut?

  • Use a flat or curling iron to etch in the right amount of 渏ust got out of bed?tousle. This mullet variation is fashion-forward and matches the adventurous spirit who love to take risks. This soft hairstyle straddles the territory between a fauxhawk and a mullet just as much as it balances between being masculine and feminine.

  • What does a classic mullet look like on a man?

  • The Classic Mullet: The classic mullet style (for men) looks just like a man traditional haircut on the top and sides of the head. The hair is trimmed short around the ears and on top, then gradually becomes long and layered in the back.

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