how to cut men’s undercut hairstyle

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The undercutis a stylish haircutfor men. The first step in doing the undercutfor menis getting the right clipper and identifying the upper temple area of the person’s head so you know where to cut. Next, cut the hair below the disconnect line short, while leaving hair above the disconnect line longer.

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  • How to style men undercuts?

  • Just style with a matte product to get a textured finish for that all-natural look. The medium-length undercut is ideal for men who have wavy, thick or straight hair, and are willing to invest the time to style their look. With short sides and medium hair on top, guys actually maximize the number of styles they can pull off.

  • What is an undercut haircut?

  • This is primarily the reason why the Undercut is so popular and favored by trendy young men: it allows you to style your hair in cool styles and have people notice it very quickly and from a far length than you檇 have with any other men haircut. With regards to the hair and haircut on the top of your head, I leave that up to you.

  • Can men with long hair pull off an undercut hairstyle?

  • Men with long hair can pull the undercut hairstyle off amazingly. From James 楯immy?Darmody in HBO Boardwalk Empire to Charlie Hunnam hair in King Arthur, the long hair and undercut look has never been so popular. Credit: @rustandtrust

  • What do you need for an undercut haircut?

  • Luckily for those men who like to change up their hairstyles, the undercut is easy to style and the length on top offers lots of variation in terms of styling. For any of the following undercut styles, you檒l need high-quality pomade, putty, or wax, a good brush or comb, and a hair dryer.

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