how to cut ronaldo hairstyle

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  • What is Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut?

  • Most of the Cristiano hairstyles are inspired from the spikes but this one is a special one. In this cristiano ronaldo hair cut the sides are trimmed while the flat top has a spiky front ?not the regular spikes though ?this time spikes are highlighted with a blonde hue that seems to draw focus all the attention to the top.

  • How to cut your own hair like a pro?

  • Trim down the sides to an inch length and let the back support both the top and the sides, a decent cut should suffice. Make two sharp lines travel from temples to the back of your head. Keep the hair on top to a medium length and give nice grooming over the edges.

  • How to get Cristiano Ronaldo Bad Boy look?

  • The Double Shaved Line and Short Quiff Yet another way you can spice up your hairstyle through creative shaving is with a double line. To put it shortly, all you have to do is shave two parallel lines on one side of your head. You檒l get Ronaldo iconic bad boy look without too much effort. 44. The High and Tight Cut

  • Why does Cristiano Ronaldo have a golden comb?

  • The Golden Comb Over Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut The golden peekaboos that have been combed over his naturally darker hair give Ronaldo do a sensation of depth and volume. In other words, they will make it seem as though you have a lot more hair than you actually do.

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