how to do 1940s hairstyles

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  • What were the hairstyles in the 1940s?

  • When you think of 1940 hairstyles, we conjure images of complicated vintage waves, victory rolls, pompadours, pin curls, bangs, up-dos, and up-do with bangs. Add to that the myriad of hair accessories like snoods, braids, ribbons, bows, turbans and scarves. A quick and easy 1940 hairstyle trick you can do from Tia Semer of Glamour Daze.

  • How do you style a 40s hairstyle?

  • Add an element of fun to your 1940s hairstyles by adding curls to the front and back of your 榙o! Sweep all your hair up and off the face, and get your tongs out and play around. Then throw in a headscarf and you檝e got yourself a Landgirls look!

  • How did a 1940s woman keep her hair from ratting up?

  • A 1940s woman would roll her hair around the rat in the same way we use modern rats today, then use hairpins to secure it all in place.

  • Why did Hollywood celebrities cut their hair in the 1940s?

  • A famous movie actress renowned for her long, luxurious blonde waves was allegedly asked to cut her hair, to inspire her working-class female fans to wear shorter and safer lengths for the factories. Some of the most popular 1940s hairstyles were borne from these lifestyle realities.

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