how to do 1940’s hairstyles

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  • What hairstyles were popular in the 1940s?

  • Learn the classic hairstyles of the 1940. Victory rolls, waves, half waves, hair bangs, pompadours, curls, hair waving techniques. Hair rolls, half rolls, combing hints and so much more. All techniques are beautifully illustrated ?step by step.

  • How do you style a 40s hairstyle?

  • Add an element of fun to your 1940s hairstyles by adding curls to the front and back of your 榙o! Sweep all your hair up and off the face, and get your tongs out and play around. Then throw in a headscarf and you檝e got yourself a Landgirls look!

  • Why did black women straighten their hair in the 1940s?

  • The vast majority of black women in the 1940s straightened their hair. It was simply the done thing to attain employment and be part of society. It wouldn be until the 1960s before this started to change, and natural afro hair was more accepted and embraced. Straightening was a two-step process.

  • How did a 1940s woman keep her hair from ratting up?

  • A 1940s woman would roll her hair around the rat in the same way we use modern rats today, then use hairpins to secure it all in place.

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