how to do a 1960s hairstyle

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If you want to take your hair back to the 1960,you can style it in abeehive with only a brush,comb,and bobby pins. Start by leaning over so your hair hangs down and teasing all the hair in front of your crown with a comb. Just comb it back and forth in small,quick motions,which will create plenty of volume.

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  • What was hair like in the 1960s?

  • The decade saw women begin to prefer shorter cuts of hair and men growing longer hair. Of course, this was absolutely socially unacceptable in just the previous decade, so there was a clear leap in what people could and couldn do fashion-wise. In short, the 1960s hair was nothing short of an act of rebellion!

  • How to do a sixties hairstyle like this?

  • So sexy. This sixties hairstyle was quite simple to do, if you knew how to do it. If you are curious, here is some easy instructions for you: After rolling the hair all under in the back and on the sides, make a small part if desired and roll the top toward one side in the direction, you would like the hair to go, dry and brush out vigorously.

  • How do you style an Afro in the 1960s?

  • Embrace the hippie side of the 1960s by wearing your natural hair long in a round shape afro. Comb small sections of hair away from the scalp with a wide toothed comb. This should cause your hair to form a full, voluminous afro. Use styling products if necessary to help shape your hair.

  • How to style an angled Bob in the 1960s?

  • To style your angled bob in a high fashion 1960s look, wash and air dry your hair to give it a natural texture. Then take the very back section of your hair and hold it straight up. Backcomb it from the midsection to your scalp to give it extra volume. Lay your hair back down on your head and comb the top of your hair to smooth it.

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