how to do a 70s hairstyle

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Part your hair in the center. A staple of the ’70s style is a middle part. Before you begin curling your hair,part it roughly in the middle of your head. This will help your hair really emulate Farrah Fawcett’s. Clip up the top part of your hair. Separate the upper half of your hair using your fingers. Then,secure this hair with a clip.

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  • What hairstyles are trending in the 70s?

  • Feathering the hair gives a hairstyle a soft, flirty look. For the ultimate 70s style, keep hair shoulder-length and add bangs. Whether your hair is naturally kinky-curly or you檒l use a curling iron to get these ringlets, a center-parted loose hairstyle is hair goals. 9. Straight Hairstyle

  • How do you get 70s waves on your hair?

  • To create 70s waves, you should start with clean hair. Wash and shampoo your hair using a clarifying shampoo. Avoid any heavy shampoos or products, as these can weigh down your hair and interfere with the waves. Blow dry your hair. Tilt the blow dryer away from your face.

  • How do you curl your hair to look like a 70s girl?

  • Make sure the curls all point away from your face. This helps with the 70s look. If you have bangs, curl them as well. You should always apply a heat protectant product before curling your hair, if it wasn’t applied prior to blow drying. Your hair should be fully dried before you curl it or the heat will cause damage and breakage.

  • What did women do with their hair in the 1970s?

  • In the 1970s, women loved to use creative hair accessories. The flowing headscarf was a favorite and could be used in a multitude of decorative ways. Drawing on the rising popularity of non-Western cultures, oriental and African patterns were frequently seen adorning fabrics and new ways to tie hair explored.

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