how to do a beehive hairstyle

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How to create a beehive updoSpray damp hair with root l …Blow dry product inFlat wrap hair around curli …Pin curl at root and coolUndo each section and backc …Twist hair into a chignonSpray with final spray

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  • How do you style beehive hair?

  • Soften the look. Pull the front two sections of your hair loose to frame your face, or pin them loosely behind your ears for an authentic ?0s beehive hair look. You’re done! Set your style with the TONIGUY Body Amplify Creation Hairspray to lock it in place et voila ?you檝e mastered the beehive hair 榙o.

  • What color is beehive hair?

  • The classic beehive style is made sizzling by the light auburn hair color. The beautiful ginger shade works with both warm and cool skin tones and brings your hair to life. This chic and versatile hair color resonates with the autumn season.

  • What is a retro beehive hairdo?

  • Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with a retro beehive hairdo. Beehive hair is a women retro hairstyle which gets its name from its characteristic conical (or beehive-like) shape. It first rose to popularity in the 1960s when big hair was the fashion and quickly became the look to be seen with.

  • How do you sculpt a beehive?

  • Sculpt the beehive. Gather your smoothed hair and your teased hair together, except for a few side strands by the ears. Sweep your smoothed hair over your teased hair and secure it in the back with bobby pins. You don’t need to pin your hair to your head.

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