how to do a cute braid hairstyle

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Part your hair in half,using a comb or your fingers,secure one section of your hair,tuck your head down and start braiding. Then secure the braid and create a small,messy bun,and repeat everything on another side. For a playful effect,add some glitter fixation spray at the end.

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  • How to do a braids for beginners?

  • How To Do 1 Brush all your hair to one side after removing all knots and tangles. 2 Divide your hair into two sections. 3 Take some hair from the bottom of one section and merge it with the top of the other section. 4 Do the same with the second section of hair. 5 Continue weaving the braid by doing steps 3 and 4 alternately. More items…

  • How to get the hottest braided hairstyle?

  • Get Fancier: You can also do a gorgeous braided up-do by doing two different Dutch braids on the sides of your head (a ouble Dutch?braid). See how to do a D utch braid in that style here. Fishtail braids are the hottest braided hairstyle!

  • How to part your hair for a side braid?

  • Part your hair. Since the side braid look is asymmetrical and on the side of your head, part it to 1 side. It does not matter if it’s the right or the left. The braid is not going to be straight down the back of your head. If you檙e going for a romantic look, allow the part to be messy.

  • How do you braid your hair in the shower?

  • Sweep all your hair to one side. Separate your hair into two sections, and take a small strand of hair from one side to the other. Keep repeating until your hair runs out. Thanks! Can I braid my hair after a shower?

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