how to do a fishtail braid hairstyles

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For a chunky fishtail braid,take a medium-sized section of hair from the outer edge of one of the two main sections of your hair. For a detailed fishtail braid,do the same,but take a small section of hair. Then,cross the piece of hair you just picked up over to the inner edge of the opposite section of hair.

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  • How do you fishtail braid your hair?

  • Begin to fishtail braid. Take a small amount of hair from the back of the left-hand section of your hair and pull it over the top, to the front of the right-hand section. Depending on how thick you want your fishtail braid to be, pull in more or less hair into the braid.

  • Do fishtail hair extensions look good on your hair?

  • Nowadays fishtail hair extensions are very popular. You can attach them to almost any hairstyle. So, don be afraid to go for it! The tighter your fish braid is, the better it will look, providing your hair is thick enough. If you are just starting out, you need to first learn how to make a very tight braid.

  • Why fishtail braids are so popular?

  • Fishtail braids have been a popular way to arrange women hair for many centuries. While ponytails serve the same purpose of keeping the hair neat, braids do it in a more intricate way. Making a beautiful braid is real art. The variety is amazing. Girls try new options every day.

  • How to fishtail ponytail step by step?

  • How to Fishtail Ponytail 1 Brush your hair over and gather your locks into a classic half-up half-down hairstyle. 2 Tie an elastic. Then, split the hair above the tie into two and pull your tail through the hole. … 3 Split the ponytail into two strands and hold them in your fists, with the thumbs facing down. … More items…

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