how to do a half up hairstyle

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For the most basic half-up hairstyles,you simply need topull back your hair from just above your ears and hold it in place at the back of your head. From there,you then have the option of tying it into a topknot,ponytail,or even a fishtail braid. Make sure the top half is secured in place with a hair tie and bobby pins around the sides.

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  • Is a half-up hairstyle right for You?

  • If your hair tends to get greasy, oily, or frizzy within a day or two, a half-up hairstyle can be a quick and easy way to deal with oily hair or extra frizz and still look stylish. Whether it’s a half up bun hairstyle, or a traditional half ponytail, we foresee half up hairstyles sticking around for a while.

  • How do you style half up half down hair?

  • Keep half up half down hair simple with a style that won require a tutorial to complete. Curl your hair with an iron or hot rollers, and then gather a few crown locks to pull back. Secure with some hair pins and you are ready to take on the day.

  • How to do a twisted half updo with hair?

  • If you檙e on the go or want a quick day-to-night hairstyle, the twisted half updo can also be achieved on day-old hair with the help of some dry shampoo. Apply TRESemm Clean Pro Pure Dry Shampoo while lifting the hair slightly to refresh the scalp and help urge in some freshly washed traction and volume.

  • How do you make a simple half ponytail?

  • If you’re looking for an easy style, go with a simple half ponytail. Start by brushing your hair out to detangle straight hair or finger-comb curly hair to get rid of any knots. Then, section off the top half of your hair by starting right above your ears and pulling all of the hair up to the crown of your head.

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