how to do a men’s quiff hairstyle

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Know what a quiff is. A quiff is when the front of your hair is held up so that it curves back towards your head.Bring a photograph or two of the look you want to your hairdresser. …Keep the sides and back of your hair shorter than the top. The one thing all quiffs have in common is that the sides are kept short.Know that it is hard to get a quiff with very curly or frizzy hair. …Note how the barber styles your hair. If you’ve never had a quiff before,watch the barber or hairdresser as they style your hair after the cut.

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  • How do you do a quiff hairstyle for short hair?

  • Doing a Quiff Hairstyle for Short Hair Wash, shampoo, and condition your hair. Dry your hair with a towel gently. Apply a small bit of gel or wax to your fingertips. Use your fingers to distribute the gel or wax throughout the tips of your hair. Use a hair dryer and a brush to style your hair.

  • Is the quiff hairstyle still in style?

  • No matter how often trends change, the quiff is a style that continues to impress no matter what type of man it on. How To Style Quiff Hairstyles? Getting a textured quiff hairstyle starts with the right cut.

  • How to do a classic quiff?

  • If you檙e going for a more modern, tousled quiff you would want to use a hair wax instead. Rub the pomade between your fingers and use it to finish your fringe into the classic quiff look. It more about guiding your hair to sit at that angle, so don be too rough with it. Go retro cool with the classic quiff. Photo credit: Dvora 5.

  • Do you have to wash your hair before a quiff?

  • Wash your hair with volumizing shampoo. It’s a good idea to wash your hair before attempting a quiff hairstyle. This gets rid of any oiliness and makes your hair easier to backcomb. Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner in the shower ?this will help to give your hair more texture and volume once dry.

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