how to do a men’s quiff hairstyle

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Know what a quiff is. A quiff is when the front of your hair is held up so that it curves back towards your head.Bring a photograph or two of the look you want to your hairdresser. …Keep the sides and back of your hair shorter than the top. The one thing all quiffs have in common is that the sides are kept short.Know that it is hard to get a quiff with very curly or frizzy hair. …Note how the barber styles your hair. If you’ve never had a quiff before,watch the barber or hairdresser as they style your hair after the cut.

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  • How to style a quiff hairstyle?

  • Prepare to get busy with the pomade or other hair product, as you shape your quiff hairstyle to unkempt perfection. Throw in a classic fade and you檒l be rocking a seriously modern aesthetic. Short on the sides and pointy on top, the quiff hawk is guaranteed to grab eyeballs.

  • Do you need a barber for a men quiff?

  • What is always required, however, is that you have some hair to play with in the first place. For those just starting to explore the men quiff haircut, you檙e probably best off visiting a barber搃t just common sense. However, you檒l still need to maintain that look at home so here are some general quiff hairstyle pointers:

  • What is the difference between a quiff and a pomp haircut?

  • The quiff hairstyle is one style, but there are actually many variants of it that have become popular among men. The quiff is generally more versatile than pomp and allows several kinds of sweeping the hair up. Its mohawk similarities can go from subtle to exaggerated sides across several versions.

  • Is it hard to get a quiff with curly hair?

  • Know that it is hard to get a quiff with very curly or frizzy hair. Pretty much anyone can carry off a quiff with the right products and tools, though it probably best to avoid this style if you have thin, very curly, or ferociously frizzy hair. Straighter hair is easier to manipulate into the quiff and requires less product to style.

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