how to do a messy bun hairstyle

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Curly Hair Messy BunPut your hair into a loose ponytail,wherever you want to wear your messy bun. …Create a 2 to 21/2 inch section in your ponytail,and begin to twist it.Holding the twist,grab one or two hairs at the tip and pull the rest of the section towards your head.Grab a few bobby pins and secure it to your head.Continue creating these sections and repeat this method until all your hair is up in a bun. If playback doesn’t begin shortly,try restarting your device.

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  • How to do a messy bun for curly hair?

  • Pull all your hair back into a sleek ponytail and brush through your ponytail to ensure your hair is covering the wefts. Gather and twist all your hair in a tight manner, creating a coil around the base of your ponytail. Once all your hair has been wrapped around, secure it with an elastic band and bobby pins. 7. Messy bun for curly hair

  • How do you make your hair fall out like a buns?

  • Pull a full wispy pieces of hair out from the front and sides of your hair for a messy, whimsical look or lightly pull the hair at the back of the bun to loosen it and let it naturally fall. Mist your entire head with hairspray. Make sure you spray about seven to eight inches away.

  • How do you make a messy bun with a comb?

  • First, using a comb, part hair down the middle and fasten into a low bun closer to the nape of your neck. Start to braid the hair in your ponytail using either a scarf, ribbon, or cords of leather to again add more life to your messy bun and personal style, says Rago.

  • How to style a messy bun for the office?

  • Apply a thin layer of hair spray, if you plan on wearing your chic, messy bun for several hours or in harsh conditions. Add more body. Run your fingers through the front of your hair to loosen it from the elastic and add body. This look creates a more classic, crown look; perfect for the office.

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