how to do a mullet hairstyle

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How To Style It When styling the mullet,the first step is tobrush or comb the sides of the hair either backward or forward. Most men will brush the strands back. Then,a gel or pomade can be used to keep the sides in place while also adding shine. Comb the top section of the hair back. Use the gel or pomade to mold it to the desired style.

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  • How do you style a mullet with curly hair?

  • Keep your mullet short. Get a buzz cut on the top of your hair, but leave the back of your hair long. This works especially well with curly hair. You can keep the back of your hair just a little longer, so that it is nice and tight, or you can grow it out long.

  • What hairstyles work best with a mullet fade?

  • Thanks to its versatility, a mullet works with several styles, including a quiff and pompadour. Both are classy men hairstyles that can be styled with a mullet fade haircut. Alternatively, guys can leave their hair longer on the top and slick back the hair for a sleek comb back.

  • Is a mullet right for thin hair?

  • A mullet is a fantastic choice because thin hair is automatically straight and grows longer at the back than the front. With very little maintenance, you only need to focus on styling the front, where wax and light pomade (not gel) helps to create volume and lift.

  • What is a hipster mullet haircut?

  • The side mullet encompasses a variety of styles. Whether you want side swept bangs, the hair in the middle parted to one side, or the longer hair in the back combed to one side, this type of mullet hairstyle will stand out anywhere. A hipster mullet is any variation of the haircut that takes a unique approach to create a cool style that stands out.

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