how to do a pageboy hairstyle

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To achieve this hairstyle, you檒l first need to get the pageboy cut a little bit longer than its standard length (tell your stylist to leave a longer fringe). To style at home, you檒l need ahair curler, pins, and lots of hairsprays. Segment your hair in layers and curl small sections攃url each layer in a different direction.

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  • Is a pageboy haircut right for You?

  • The pageboy haircut is a very modern hairstyle. Though some women may still prefer long hair, this cut offers a great alternative especially for busy women who have no time to spare managing their long locks. Pageboy haircut is actually not a new style.

  • How do you style a pageboy cut?

  • Style you piece-y cut with a mousse or any other texturizing product suitable for your hair type. Those with long bobs can also test the pageboy cut trend by embracing fullness and volume contrasted with short blunt bangs. Try a messy style with full bangs that 50s icon Bettie Page would be proud to see.

  • What kind of Bangs do you get with a pageboy haircut?

  • Pageboy Haircut with Side-Swept Bangs In most cases, you檒l find the pageboy with full, arched bangs. Be that as it may, some women prefer side-swept bangs for their hairstyles. You can rest assured that side bangs work amazingly well with the bob-like haircut.

  • What is a traditional pageboy?

  • A traditional pageboy is a woman hair style with the hair reaching the shoulder and rolled under the ends. Often there is a fringe (bangs) in the front.

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