how to do a roaring 20’s hairstyle

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  • What hairstyles were popular in the Roaring Twenties?

  • Roaring twenties hairstyles long hair. If youre as inspired by the roaring twenties as we are you may have wondered how you can go about getting a 1920s hairstyle for yourself. 1920s Hairstyles for Long HairIn 1924 a year before the famous Pringle Shingle actress Aileen Pringle creates a convincing bob with her long tresses.

  • How to flaunt your long hair in the 1920s?

  • A perfect 1920s way to flaunt your long hair is the finger waves hairstyle. There were two wildly popular ways to texturize 1920s hairstyles for long hair during the Flapper years. Make your long hairstyles of the 1920s looking good after youve got an amazing hairstyle time to show off. Part your hair down the middle.

  • How to recreate 1920s hairstyles without scissors?

  • There are lots of options to recreate the 1920 looks without grabbing the scissors. The Chignon is a classic updo that has an instant romantic effect. In the 1920s this was perfect for women with long hair who wanted to stay trendy. The look creates glossy waves ending in a chignon or bun right at the nape of a woman’s neck.

  • How do you curl your hair in the 20s?

  • There are plenty of ways to get this easily achievable ’20s hairstyle. If you don’t have a roller set on hand, try using your 1 curling iron (like ghd’s Classic Curling Iron, $199) to curl the hair under, going in sections all the way around the head, and pinning the ends up.

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