how to do a side hairstyle

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Create a deep part in your hair.Comb most of your hair on the sidewhere you want your bun. Using the comb,draw a line through your hair. You can use hairspray sparingly to hold the part in place. Move the hair that pops up on to the appropriate side.

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  • How do you side braid your hair?

  • To side braid your hair, start by brushing it thoroughly to get rid of any knots or tangles that might get in the way. Once you檝e brushed your hair, gather it all on the side you want the braid. With your hair on one side, split it into 3 even sections. Take the right side and cross it over the middle to make it the new middle section.

  • How to style a side updo with blonde hair?

  • Blonde hair color and wavy texture coming together will definitely give your chic side updo a style boost. Once the bun is in place, pull out a few strands with your fingers or the end of a rat tail comb for a messy look. Curly side buns are good for shorter locks.

  • Can you do side swept hairstyles on medium length hair?

  • It true that we can achieve all types of side swept styles on medium length hair since some of the hairdos really call for long hair. Here are a few super easy hairdos that are best achieved on medium length and after some practice, you can make these within a few minutes. Blown Out Layered Style: Side Swept Tussled Hair:

  • How to part your hair like a pro?

  • Start by parting your hair on the right side, separate out three strands of hair, and then cross the right section over the middle, repeating that same step with the left side.

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