how to do a spiky hairstyle

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How to Create The Perfect Spiky HairstyleBlow dry your hair straight. Using a small,round boar bristle brush,blow out your hair so it becomes smooth, Pucciarello says. …Mold your style into the desired spiky shape. Pick up a molding paste and piece your hair out until it’s as spiky and edgy as you want it to …Add some shine. …

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  • How to style short spiky hairstyles for fine hair?

  • So pixie haircuts are acey-deucy for fine hair and its needless to say that they are hot and versatile. Add Some Drama AKA Side Bang. Awesome Short Spiky Hairstyles for Fine Hair. Then you would add mousse or stylish gel for you to comb the hair upward in order to achieve the spiky look.

  • How do you style messy spiky hair?

  • Good for short or medium-length hair, messy spiky hair can create a playful look. Use hair products and your fingers to spike your hair up in multiple directions. A fade on the sides and spiky hair on the top section of your hair can be a good way for you to emphasize your spikes.

  • How to style spiky hair with fades?

  • Long spiky hair can work well with fades since it can perfectly emphasize the spikes. You can then use a product to style your hair to the back, front, top or sides or even in all directions. Spiking your hair in front adds volume to the top by focusing your hair on the front.

  • How to get a spiked hair look?

  • The spiked hair look is a popular style for men and women with short hair. You can achieve this classic style by selecting hair products that will offer hold and volume. You can then learn how to create a spiked hair look for daily wear or a special night out. Wash your hair. It is important to start with clean hair that is free of any product.

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